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Travel Log Ideas

Travel Log Ideas

Most people have a bit of wanderlust in their personalities. There is the desire to travel and explore. But after time passes, it is hard to keep all of the dates and experiences fresh in one’s mind. That’s where KEE Kreations’ travel collage prints “The Traveler” and "Fallen Leaves" can help.

These 12”X18” copies of original watercolor paintings were designed for those who love to keep their great adventures in view to mentally relive the excitement again and again. The prints allow the owner to maintain a travel log, keeping the facts straight long after the trip has passed.

"The Traveler" Interactive Art print is a suitcase filled with blank travel collage decals to be written on. Yes! Write on the artwork!! There is a name tag tied to the suitcase handle, ready for the traveler’s name to be written on. Graffiti never had it so good! Add a few words around the travel collage decals to remind you of the highlights from the trip. Simply add a date, where the trip was, and possibly the names of traveling companions. For example: June 2013, Snyders/Teters, Bandaw Bridge, First Bungee Jump! OR Aug. 2013, Chincoteague Island, Entire Family, Surfing, Off Shore Fishing, – seabass (Dan), 40”shark (Lamar), 7’shark (Mike)!

To make it easy to continue adding information to the prints, it is best to house “The Traveler” and "Fallen Leaves" in glass-free, slide-in frames. Hang and display the artwork with smiles and pride, providing a wonderful conversation piece during gatherings, dinner parties, or simple personal pleasure!

"The Traveler" and "Fallen Leaves" are beautiful and fun ways to display a collection of time, travel and event memories.

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