Say Goodbye by Saying Hello

Leave your retiring co-worker with some words to remember!

"Words of Wisdom" Party Idea

"Words of Wisdom" Party Idea

You've heard traditional retirement party ideas, but here’s a brand new suggestion: "The Wisdom Tree" from KEE Kreations. This special retirement idea will have guests chatting long after the celebration is over. Why not add an activity that can be playful, heartfelt AND kept for a lifetime? Once framed, “The Wisdom Tree” can display words of wisdom shared by co-workers. Who can resist giving encouraging words of wisdom to the soon-to-be retired co-worker?

This Interactive Art print was created for the retirement party guests to personalize. Write words with meaning or whimsy, on and around, “The Wisdom Tree”. Include poems, sayings, single words, scriptures, positive thoughts, memories and short quips. Don’t forget to ask the guests to sign their names. Frame the unique print and don’t put glass over it. The retiree can continue to add their own words of wisdom. Hung proudly in the retiree’s home, it will make him or her smile for years to come.
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Words of Wisdom Cards

Insert a blank card into each party invitation for guests to share their advice for a happy retirement.  The party guests can read their words of wisdom aloud and write them on the tree, or the cards can be collected and handed out anonymously to be read by party guests or the retiree. Have co-workers that were unable to attend email words of wisdom for the retiree to fill in at a later date.

Alternate Retirement Party Idea

Alternate Retirement Party Idea

When planning your retirement party games, also consider using the “Rooms in My Heart” print Ask farewell attendees to sign their name on the print. This keepsake is a lasting remembrance of friends and coworkers that is so much more meaningful than a handshake or pat on the back!

No matter if you choose to use your “The Wisdom Tree” print, the “Rooms in my Heart” print, or both, you can be sure that your retirement party ideas will be unique!
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