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"Duck Hunting" Print

"Duck Hunting" Print

KEE Kreations reveals the first in a series of gifts for men. “Duck Hunting” is a hunting journal idea to keep hunting memories alive!

This hunting journal idea can be used for hunting with a bow, a gun, hunting dog or a camera. “Duck Hunting” is a unique, personalized, hunting journal idea. Most hunters have special hunting trips that they always want to remember, and yes, brag about. But after time passes, it is hard to keep all of the dates and experiences fresh in mind.

The “Duck Hunting” print is a beautiful and fun way to display a collection of travels, and hunting event memories. This hunting log can be handed down to children and grandchildren, or start a hunting log for your children and grandchildren to capture their own excitement and hunting experiences.
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Hunting Journal as a Memorial

A framed “Duck Hunting” print can also be used as a memorial to honor a son, husband, or hunting companion. This print is perfect to hang in a home, hunting camp, lodge, office or other meeting place “In Memory of” the special person who has passed away. Write the name, date of birth, death, and maybe things the deceased was fond of. Also, each person who had the opportunity of hunting with that individual can sign somewhere on the print, possibly adding a few words to honor their beloved hunting companion.

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