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"Party Balloons" Print

"Party Balloons" Print

Children anticipate their birthday party games as a highlight of their birthday party activities. This unique art print was designed to be used as a fun and giggly game for children’s birthday party ideas.

The “Party Balloons” print helps to create children’s birthdays that are special and absolutely unique at every party. Guests will remember this party activity long after the party is over.

Children love keepsakes as a reminder of how special they are AND of the fun they had at their birthday party. That’s where KEE Kreations’ birthday party print, “Party Balloons”, can help. Interactive art is unique because it is art that has been designed to be written directly on. The “Party Balloons” print includes space for children and adults to write on the print. The cloud areas can be reserved for the Birthday Boy/Girl. Children that are guests can fill in a balloon with a silly face or a sticker and the guest of honor has to match each guest with the appropriate balloon. Invite the adult friends and family members to write their birthday wishes to the special guest of honor along the balloon ribbons. Memories of the day will be relived by the young one as they view the art hanging proudly on their bedroom wall. View the action in a You Tube video of children having fun with the “Party Balloons” print!
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How To Use the "Party Balloons" Print

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"Rooms In My Heart/Modern" Print

"Rooms In My Heart/Modern" Print

This is a great year to celebrate someone with a playful and colorful personality! What better way to celebrate than to have a birthday gathering that includes our playful and colorful “Rooms in My Heart/Modern” print to match the guest of honor? Ask guests to sign their names or write something funny, or personal, to the birthday guest of honor. Couple the print with our ebony stained, slide-in frame for a finished look and a functional way to continue adding to the print!

This print will accommodate approximately 70-90 signatures and “writings” (remember that most couples sign jointly). Maybe your guest list tops off at 250 people; not a problem. Have our print professionally matted (with a 3 inch or 6 inch matte) and framed. And Viola’! You have extra writing room!

With the "Rooms In My Heart/Modern" print at your birthday party, you are ready to not only provide an activity for the party, but you will be giving the birthday guest of honor a unique memory holder to proudly hang on his or her wall.
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How to Use the "Rooms In My Heart/Modern" Print

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"Rooms In My Heart" Print

"Rooms In My Heart" Print

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, or someone special to you, from KEE Kreations! The “Rooms in My Heart” print is the perfect gift that will be a lasting reminder of the people who are dear to the birthday boy/girl. Whether the party is for a 17 or 97 year-old, a small intimate gathering, or a large celebration, our “Rooms in My Heart” print can be professionally matted and framed or coupled with our slide-in frame. It not only provides an activity during the party but allows the birthday boy/girl to hang the print on their wall to remember the special people who they hold dear in their heart.

Simply ask the party guests to sign their name on or around the heart. Someone can’t make it to the party? Not a problem. Names can be added to the “Heart” for years after the party is over! There will always be new people to include in their “Heart”, hanging proudly on display.
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"The Wisdom Tree" Print

"The Wisdom Tree" Print

No matter the age, no one ever has too much wisdom. So for your next birthday celebration, ask friends and family to join in writing their words of wisdom to you as you venture into your next year! Add our slide-in frame to complete this unique way of displaying encouraging words from those you hold dear. Don’t forget - you can continue to add your own words of wisdom. If you are planning a birthday celebration for a larger number of people, KEE Kreations’ “The Wisdom Tree” will hold 30 to 50 “Words of Wisdom”, depending on the size of the handwriting and the length of each additional piece of wisdom added. Professionally matted and framed, this art can become a large focal point at the party and in the birthday boy/girl’s home - to be added to and enjoyed for many years to come!
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