New Interactive Art Therapy Tool Announced by KEE Kreations is Not Just Another Quaint Idea


KEE Kreations announces new interactive art therapy tool that has deeper meaning. Interactive art prints created for aiding in the healing process in a lasting visual way.

KEE Kreations presents a new art therapy tool that has deeper meaning to those searching for a distinctive and unique way of expressing one’s triumphs, as well as over-coming life’s tragedies. It is art with a purpose. As an art therapy tool, our Interactive Art prints were created for the purpose of aiding in the healing process in a lasting and visual way.

Both designs, “Rooms in My Heart” and “The Wisdom Tree” are 12”X18” and 18”X12”, respectively, copies of original watercolor paintings designed to be personalized by the owner, or recipient, of each print. These prints are appropriate to use for adults and children who are dealing with abuse, divorce, grief, or loss of any kind. The possibilities are limitless.

For instance, someone dealing with the loss of a loved one, would write the names of people they care about in the spaces of the “Rooms in My Heart” print. It can then be displayed to remind them, that each person they meet occupies a “room in their heart” making memories that they hold in there heart and mind. But if they are separated through circumstances, distance, or death, they are still able to “visit” that loved one in their heart. The love remains.

Another suggestion is for the counselor to ask someone dealing with a tragic event or trauma, such as abuse, to fill in the rooms of the heart with the names of people they love and trust, or positive events they hold in their heart. Also, ask the client to keep one “room” empty, and blank, signifying the person or event that caused pain and hurt in their life. Slowly, as they are ready, letter by letter, ask the client to fill a word such as “forgiven”, or “healing” in that space. They will learn that the wounded part doesn’t disappear, but the rest of their life and heart become so much more prominent and will eventually overshadow the wounded space.

Our “The Wisdom Tree” print can be used to write down positive and encouraging words to focus on, pointing towards a brighter, hopeful future for those who deal with depression. Frame and hang the print so the person can view it often, and serve as a supportive influence in their environment. Tell them if they “Leaf” those thoughts take “Root”, they will “Branch Out” to become “Oak Tree” sized attitudes!

We encourage counselors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists to visit or email Karen at Karen(at)keekreations(dot)com for more information. KEE Kreations has been presenting quality art since 1985, with an emphasis on personalization and unlocking the door to meaningful aesthetics for customers all around the country.


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