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KEE Kreations Mission Statement

KEE Kreations’ mission is to offer products which are God-inspired designs, created to encourage, have special meaning, be used as tools for healing emotional wounds, for personal growth, to entertain, and provide simple joy to our customers.

KEE Kreations has been presenting quality art since 1985, with an emphasis on personalization and unlocking the door to meaningful aesthetics for customers all around the country.

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Bucket List

Bucket List
  • Most people have heard of the term “The Bucket List” because of a film that made it famous. Just in case you don’t know, this term refers to a list of things you want to do before you Kick the Bucket. The list should include dreams, goals, destinations, life wishes and adventures. Each item on the list can include small, medium, large, and, absolutely, seemingly impossible events, experiences and tasks that you want to happen in your own lifetime. Maybe you want to start a business, write poems, publish a book, see the Grand Canyon on horseback, skydive, visit Scotland, adopt an orphaned child, donate a million dollars to a charity, play a musical instrument, or learn a new language. Why not? If it is your dream, write it on your own personal Bucket List. Make your list. Make it extravagant! Make it happen!!

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    KEE Kreations prints are trademark and copyright protected.

  • Vertical  12”X18”

    Horizontal  18”X12”

    This personalized artwork will look delightful hung on any prominent wall for display and enjoyment for years to come. Also, if the print is hung in a glassless frame, the owner of the print can choose to continue adding to the information, creating a piece of artwork that evolves and develops with time.

  • Suggested special occasions for use include:

    • Personal Use
    • Outlandish Dreams of Couples
    • Group Goals
    • Family Dreams and Objectives
    • Retirement Gift
    • Birthday Gift
    • Anniversary Gift