Announcing New Class Reunion Ideas by KEE Kreations. Classmates can Join Together One More Time to Write Memories, or Words of Wisdom, on “The Wisdom Tree”


KEE Kreations announces class reunion ideas that can be personalized to keep memories alive. Here’s a brand new suggestion to keep the class members chatting long after the celebration is over.

KEE Kreations announces new class reunion ideas for special occasions. Known for creating memorable and accessible art that can be personalized and customized for class reunions, KEE Kreations designed “The Wisdom Tree” art prints to be used to make sharing heart-felt wishes fun and creative.

Perfect for class reunion ideas, retirement parties, family reunions, weddings, baby shower celebrations, anniversaries or birthday parties, the prints include ample space for guests to write encouraging and informative words of wisdom. Poems, quotes and Bible verses can also be written in the available space.

Interactive art prints are unique because they are designed to be written directly on. “The Wisdom Tree” print, which includes space to write on the tree trunk, in the tree branches or around the tree, provide decorative spaces to share the secrets for successful living.

Also, after being signed, the print can be return to KEE Kreations to be reproduced for each attending class member. Frame the print and don’t put glass over it. Everyone can continue to add to their “The Wisdom Tree” as it hangs proudly in their home! It will make them smile each time they read their special Words of Wisdom. These are “pieces” of the class members shared from the class reunion ideas.

For more information about “The Wisdom Tree” prints, visit or email Karen at karen(at)KEEKreations(dot)com. KEE Kreations has been presenting quality art since 1985, with an emphasis on personalization and unlocking the door to meaningful aesthetics for customers all around the country.

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My intent for KEE Kreations is to be a blessing to others and to be a keeper of memories.

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