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Special Occasion

Unlocking the Door to Meaningful Aesthetics

Bucket List

Most people have heard of the term “The Bucket List” because of a film that made it famous. Just in case you don’t know, this term refers to a list

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For the Christian, the death of Jesus Christ on the cross says it all, and means everything.  It is where God’s fullness of grace and man’s true redemption begins.   This

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Rooms In My Heart/Modern

Maybe you are a classic kind of person on the outside, but maybe, just maybe, the inner you has a little (or a lot) of jazz, color and playfulness hidden

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Rooms In My Heart

You hold a place, or a “Room” in your heart for the people in your life.  Now you can see those special people by allowing “Rooms in My Heart” to

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The Wisdom Tree

Wisdom…is the tree of life to those who embrace her. Proverbs 3:13-18 Need a little wisdom in your life?  Who doesn’t?  Whether you are a guy or girl, young or

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