• Karen Erdman
    Artist Bio

    Please allow me to introduce myself. Although my brothers and friends have called me everything from Lizzy, (my middle name is Elizabeth) to Tilly, Bessy, and Nerdman, most people just call me Karen. I was born in Pottstown Pennsylvania, and I’m not ashamed to say I had a great time growing up. My father was a pilot. His passion for flying allowed my family to travel, which in turn gave me the opportunity to visit museums and see art in the form of paintings, pottery, jewelry, tapestry, food, architecture, and on and on at a very young age. Even as a child, this was a major factor influencing me to enjoy and create art.

  • Like everyone else, my life has had its awesome adventures, twists and turns. I was a stay-at -home mom when my children were young. At the same time, I was designing and teaching decorative art at a local shop. When my sons got a little older (here comes a twist) I went to nursing school, got my RN license, then my BSN and a Master’s in Education with a Specialization in Health Education. Whew! And you thought I had no brains! Did I mention I partnered in a solar installation business? That is another unexpected twist. Even though I have had some interesting career turns, I kept my passion for painting and art; taking college credits and traveling to national Masters in Decorative Art instructors’ classes and seminars. KEE Kreations and the original designs were created in the 1980s! Due to life happening and timing, I wasn’t afforded the opportunity to allow the business to grow. Twist and turn again, KEE Kreations now has my full attention. My intent for KEE Kreations is to be a blessing to others and to be a keeper of memories.

KEE Kreations are crafted with three core values in mind:

  1. Place God at the center of KEE Kreations’ business and acknowledge his gift of creativity.
  2. Display professionalism and integrity in all we do.
  3. Provide quality products designed to be socially useful as well as being aesthetically pleasing to our customers.

Aesthetics are part of our everyday lives. Add an eye-catching centerpiece to your home or office with artist Karen Erdman's handcrafted designs.

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Beyond pleasing the eye, these prints have lasting personal meaning. Art has always been used to preserve history. Use KEE Kreations to preserve yours.

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KEE Kreations "unlock" the door to meaningful aesthetics. Use pieces such as "Rooms in My Heart" as therapeutic tools for emotional healing.

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Interactive Art Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Interactive Art mean?
    Basically, this is art that was specifically created for the owner, or those invited to participate, to write directly on the art print; thus being interactive. Visit the "Kreations" tab in the main navigation to learn about the interactive use of each print.
  • What size are the prints?
    The overall size of the “Rooms in My Heart” print is 18” wide X 12” high and “The Wisdom Tree” print is 12” wide X 18” high.
  • What if I make a mistake while I am writing?
    There is no such thing as a mistake. Each print is made unique by what is being written on it! Let yourself be a little “imperfect”!
  • What do I use to write on my Interactive Art print?
    We suggest writing with a fine-tipped permanent magic marker that can be purchased in any craft or art supply store. But you can use ink pens, paint, crayons, calligraphy pens, colored magic markers, or anything else you want, including finger prints and stamping supplies!
  • How do I display my KEE Kreations print?
    We suggest either getting your print custom matted and framed, or you may order one of KEE Kreations open, wooden, ebony-stained slide-in frame with no glass to cover the print so the owner can continue to write on the print, and have the artwork displayed on the wall. Scrapbookers, get creative by cutting the prints apart and mount on the pages of your next scrapbook for a unique keepsake.
  • We frequently hear this print owner’s dilemma, “It’s too pretty, I don’t know if I can write on it!”
    Have a plan of what you want to write and just start writing! It’s liberating once you let go and get started!

If you have other questions or new ways you have used our Interactive Art prints, we would love to hear from you!  To chat with the artist, contact Karen at karen@keekreations.com.